For many people type 1 diabetes is just a chronic illness that people can control by having a healthy balanced diet and exercising regularly. However, this is not what it actually is for the thousands of people living with this chronic illness. Diabetes is with them 24 hours, 7 days a week, and as much as they would like to, it has no time-off or vacation leave. Sometimes, an uninformed society can also affect their attitude towards the chronic illness. Comments can be hurtful and people with diabetes will only hate their condition more. However, an uninformed society may also be damaging since there is no awareness on what causes a diagnosis, what are the symptoms and how one can treat the new diagnosis. Late diagnosis can also lead to several complications. 


Supporting 1 Another can help them feel like they are people living with diabetes rather than diabetic people. It will show them that before anything else, they are a person and although it may be exhausting at times, they are not alone. It will also help societies understand what diabetes really is and help them realise symptoms in cases of emergency that can help save lives. By not sugar coating it, people can be more aware of what having diabetes really entails, and people living with diabetes will not feel alone anymore.

If you want to know who is behind all the work of S1A read more here!

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